Bike Repairs and Bike Servicing

For over 80 years at Ellis Briggs, we have been trusted for our workshop expertise by thousands of cyclists just like you.  There is almost nothing we haven’t seen before.  So whether your bike has an annoying creak or it needs a complete overhaul, you can be sure we’ll deal with it quickly and professionally.

Fast Turnaround


It doesn’t matter whether you use your bike for commuting, daily errands or you have a big event coming, sometimes you need your bike back straight away.  Whatever you need, we’ll try to be as accomodating as possible, just let us know your requirements.

It is also worth noting that we open until 6pm most days and 7pm on a Thursday.  Also, if you make a prior arrangement it is possible to drop your bike off before we open.

Expert Mechanics

With over 40 years of collective experience between our mechanics, you know your bike is in safe hands. It doesn’t matter if your bike is an older machine that needs some TLC or the latest high tech super bike, unlike some bike shops we are not elitist. In fact we think its good all round to keep older bikes up and running.


Expert Advice

In order for you to decide what work you’d like completing on your bike, we are happy to provide an estimate before we start work.  Please just ask when you bring your bike in.

Once the work is completed, your bike will be road tested to make sure the repaired item/s works under pressure.

Upon collection you will receive a fully itemised bill detailing all the work has been completed and you will be able to talk to one of our mechanics directly if you have any questions.


It is safe to say that we specialise in working on classic and vintage bikes.  No matter how old your bike is, we will likely have whatever obscure tools it needs to fettle it up.

Moreover, if your frame needs repairs or a respray we can help with that too.  Please take a look at our resprays page for more info.


We are happy to offer general repairs on all good quality electric bikes.  For more information on pricing, please download our E-Bike pricelist.



Download our comprehensive pricelist which covers everything from safety checks and servicing, to parts and repairs.

Download Pricelist


Workshop opening times

Our workshops are open during our normal opening times Monday to Friday. We offer limited workshop facilities on Saturdays and the workshop is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

I have a Boardman bike, will you service or repair it or do you only do servicing on bikes that you sell?

We can service any quality bike from any manufacturer.  We do occasionally have to say no to supermarket and catalogue bikes.  The quality of all the parts fitted has to meet our minimum standards.  At the very least, the bike needs to have full Shimano gears and alloy brakes and brake levers.  If you’re not sure, just bring it in and let us have a look.

Do I need to book my bike in for a repair/service?

We don’t pre-book repairs.  All you need to do is bring the bike down and we’ll book it in there and then.  Usually you’ll need to leave the bike with us for a couple of working days although it can be longer during busy periods.  Give us a ring on 01274 583221 if you’d like to know how busy we are at the moment.

I dropped my bike off for service, when will it be ready?

When we book your bike in, we’ll give you a date when it will be ready.  We always try to work with you to get your bike as quickly as you need.  Once we have agreed a date, your bike will be ready on that day.  That’s a promise!  Occasionally we run into problems if a part that is needed isn’t available but we will always contact you to let you know.  It is essential that we have your up to date contact details when you bring your bike in.

How much will my bike service cost?

When you book your bike in for a service we always like to give you an idea of price, but sometimes this is difficult if the bike needs a lot of work.  We will advise you if we think the servicing cost is more than the bike is worth.  Also if we find something when we are doing the job which was unexpected, we will always get in contact with you before proceeding.

Parts purchased elsewhere

Please note, we do not fit parts purchased elsewhere. This is because we can give no warranty or backup on parts we haven’t supplied and the last thing we want is to have a problem halfway through fixing your bike which we can’t rectify.

Bringing your bike for repairs

When you bring your bike in for repairs, one of our staff members will book it in and give you an estimate of the work involved. We will then give you a date which you can come collect your bike. Your bike will always be ready on time, unless we phone and advise otherwise.
Always bring the entire bike, so we can road test it. The only exception to this is when we are working on a wheel (i.e. fitting a new tube), in this case it is easier and cheaper if you just bring the wheel.

If you bring your bike in an unacceptable level of cleanliness, we may have to charge for cleaning it before we can start work.