Bespoke Bikes

Bespoke Bikes – Handmade In Shipley, West Yorkshire

Since 1936 we have been building bespoke bikes, individually for each customer. Nearly 80 years of making bicycle frames by hand means we have a level of experience and expertise which is unparalleled in the UK.

We can custom build your your dream bespoke bike or custom steel frame. Or you can choose one of our stock frames or bikes

The Oldest Bespoke Framebuilders In Britain

We are the only framebuilders in Britain who started making bespoke bikes and frames before the war and are still building them in or workshops to this day. This makes us Britain’s oldest custom frame makers.

We put our longevity down to the fact that we have always put quality and workmanship above every other consideration.

Traditional Lugged Steel Frames

All our custom steel frames are built using traditional lugged construction with Reynolds steel tubing. Building with lugs ensures a strong frame and is kind to the tubing. A carefully built steel frame has a magical ride quality unlike any other material. It is a process which we’ve honed and adapted over nearly 80 years.

Want more info on what we can do for you?

You can either email us, use our contact form or give us a ring on 01274 583221.


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