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Best Bike Servicing and Repairs in Yorkshire

If your looking for bike repairs at Ellis Briggs, we have the best workshop facilities in the Yorkshire. Our three highly experienced, full-time mechanics are able to do any job from fixing a puncture to completely rebuilding your bike. We also build and repair frames on-site. Our frame-builder is Reynolds 753 approved, the highest standard in the world! Having repaired your frame, we are also cycle frame painters.



One area we are particularly proud of is our wheel building. Paul Briggs can build any kind of wheel, to any pattern with your choice of components, to the highest professional standards. In wheel-building, there is no substitute for experience and that’s what you get at ELLIS BRIGGS.

Whether your bike needs a service or a repair, rest assured that we’ll be able to do the job, quickly and at a good price too.

In our workshop we work on a 2 tier system. The majority of bikes we work on are have been supplied by other shops, a lot of which do not do servicing and repairs. As a commitment to our customers, bikes purchased from us pay a discounted labour rate on all repairs.

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Why Ellis Briggs?

Experience and Expertise

There isn’t a workshop anywhere which can match our 80 years of experience.  There isn’t much we haven’t seen before.  In fact we’ve built our reputation on being able to tackle even the most difficult jobs.

Specialist Services

We take pride in the fact that we can work on many bikes that other shops may turn away.  As long as you want the work doing, we can work on bikes of almost any age.  We have experience of everything from rod braked roadsters to steel framed road racing and touring bikes and everything in between.

Steel Frames

We are the specialists in steel frames.  We can help you no matter what you are looking for, whether its servicing or repairs, frame repairs or frame resprays.

Brompton Servicing and Repairs

We have been Brompton dealers, almost from day 1.  So no matter what age your Brompton is, we can  repair and service it.

Road Testing

We think its essential that all bikes we service are road tested.  Many shops will only adjust brakes and gears in the workstand, but it’s only by road testing that a mechanic can find out if everything is working as it should.

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Workshop Pricelist


Our Bikes


All prices include VAT and do not include parts and consumambles unless otherwise stated. Please note we only fit parts which we have supplied. An additional charge may be made for cycles in an unacceptable state of cleanliness (£10 minimum). We reserve the right to refuse any job which we deem to be of too low quality to work on.
Bike Servicing
Written QuotationWe can provide you with a written itemised quotation for the cost of any repair.  Please ask for more details.  Labour charge is credited against any further work in the future. £15.00 £20.00
Safety Check/ServiceIf you have a newish bike or your bike is only used occasionally then you’ll most likely need this level of servicing.  If you need any major parts replacing then you will need to go up to our Standard Service.Adjust cable brakes, adjust gears, adjust headset, adjust wheel bearings, check bottom bracket, true tension wheels, road test £30.00 £40.00
Standard ServiceWe always try to give your bike a quick inspection when you bring it in.  If we find it needs any major parts replacing, such as derailleurs, headset bearings or bottom bracket bearings etc. we will book it in for a Standard Service.All of the above plus, replacement of worn parts, adjust hydraulic brakes and fit pads if required £50.00 £60.00
Full ServiceIf you want your bike stripping down completely we can do a full overhaul if required.All of the above plus, Bicycle Stripped Down, Parts Degreased, And Rebuilt With New Grease And Cables. £90.00 £100.00
Bleed Hydraulic Brakes, Shimano, Tektro, Hope Etc.Per brake £12.50 £20.00
Bleed Hydraulic Brakes, Hayes, Avid Per brake £15.00 £25.00
Adjust Magura Hydraulic Rim Brakes Per brake £10.00 £20.00
Service Hydraulic Disc Brakes Clean rotors, pressure bleed system, and face disc mounts per brake £20.00 £30.00
Adjust Cable Brakes Front and Rear from £15.00 £20.00
Adjust Gears Front and Rear from £15.00 £20.00
Service Non Hydraulic Suspension Forks £25.00 £35.00
Service Hydraulic Forks **From £50.00 £65.00
Fit New Rear Suspension Bearings/Bushes **From £25.00 £35.00
Service Rear Shock ** £POA £POA
Other Jobs
Fit New Headset to complete bikeFrom £20.00 £30.00
Adjust Headset Bearings £5.00 £10.00
Remove Seized Seatpost/StemFrom £15.00 £15.00
Fit New Bottom Bracket StandardFrom £12.50 £15.00
Fit New Bottom Bracket External BearingsFrom £15.00 £20.00
Fit New Chainset £12.50 £15.00
Fit New Chain £5.00 £10.00
Fit New Cassette Body Shimano Style £10.00 £15.00
Fit New Cassette Body Hope Style £18.00 £23.00
Fit New Cassette £5.00 £7.50
New Inner Tube Fitted To wheel, without cycle, including tube £6.00 £6.00
New Inne Tube Fitted To wheel, in cycle, including tube £10.00 £12.50
Adjust Hub Cones £5.00 £10.00
Fit New Hub Bearings Loose bearings £10.00 £15.00
Fit New Hub Bearings Cartridge bearings £25.00 £30.00
True Tension Wheel/Spoke And True from £10.00 £12.00
Rebuild Wheel Labour only £25.00 £30.00
New Wheel Build Labour only £20.00 £20.00
Workshop Rate
Minimum Charge £7.50 £10.00
Hourly Rate £30.00 £35.00

All prices include VAT and do not include parts unless otherwise stated. Please note we only fit parts which we have supplied. An additional charge may be made for cycles in an unacceptable state of cleanliness (£10 minimum). We reserve the right to refuse any job which we deem to be of too low quality to work on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Opening Times

Our workshops are open during our normal opening times Monday to Friday. We offer limited workshop facilities on Saturdays and the workshop is closed on a Sunday.

Parts Purchased Elsewhere

Please note, we do not fit parts purchased elsewhere. This because we can give no warranty or backup on parts we haven’t supplied and the last thing we want is to have a problem halfway through fixing your bike which we can’t rectify.

Bringing Your Bike For Repairs

When you bring your bike in for repairs, one of our staff will book it in and give you an estimate of the work involved. We will then give you a date which you can come collect your bike. Your bike will always be ready on time, unless we phone and advise otherwise.

Always bring the entire bike, so we can road test it. The only exception to this is when we are working on a wheel ie fitting a new tube, in this case it is easier and cheaper if you just bring the wheel.

If you bring your bike in an unacceptable level of cleanliness, we may have to charge for cleaning it before we can start work.

Our Mechanics

We have a wealth of experience in our workshops, spanning 5 decades. We pride ourselves on being able to turn work around quickly and efficiently.
Shimano Service Centre

We have been a Shimano Service Centre since 1997 and we continue to offer excellent service, back-up and expertise on all Shimano product.

Cytech Qualified Mechanics

Our mechanics are Cytech accredited which is the government recognized standard for bicycle mechanics. However unlike most bike shops we know there is no substitute for experience, which we have in abundance.

Wheel Building

handbuilt wheels

If your looking for cheap wheels, please look elsewhere, and when they need their regular truing we’ll be happy to true them for you. If on the other hand you want a quality wheelset, look no further. Our wheelbuilder has over 30 years experience. With wheels there is no substitute for skill and time, thats why our wheels stay true. We can build to any pattern with any quality hub and rim. We only build with DT Swiss Spokes, because they are the best.

Fork Servicing

Rockshox Marzocchi

All forks are serviced in house, we don’t send them away, so lead times are much quicker. We service and tune forks from both Rockshox and Marzocchi. Dependent on what kind of damper they have, servicing prices start from £35. Your forks will be solvent cleaned inside and out, inspected for wear or damage, oil and wiper seals replaced and reassembled with new oil and grease. You can bring your forks in separately or attached to your bike.