Brompton Folding Bikes

Made For Cities

Brompton_08_08_12_052_FD6EBrompton folding bikes are made for what ever your life can throw at them.  Whether you are short of space at home, need to use public transport for part of your journey or want a bike you can keep on your boat or in your caravan.

You can take your Brompton anywhere, no need to leave it locked up outside the supermarket or your work.  A Brompton will fit in the shopping trolley or under your desk!

Made For You

Brompton_Colour_Accessories_004A Brompton can be ordered to suit your individual requirements and in your own choice of colours to match your style.  We can help you decide what features will best suit your life and how you would like to use your Brompton.

Let us show you how you can customize your Brompton with accessories and matching luggage.

Want to go touring but still need a bike which you can take on public transport?  Need a nippy bike for riding around town running errands and shopping?  Want a bike to put on your boat or in your caravan but don’t have space for a full size bike?   Sick of having to walk from the bus stop or train station?  Bromptons are so versatile you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one?

Impress your friends with Brompton’s award-winning fold

Brompton_02_08_12_120_51EDBrompton’s fold is really easy and intuitive.  But don’t worry, we will show you how to fold it easily in less than 20 seconds.  The original design is very well-engineered so unlike the majority of folders on the market, a Brompton folds down into a secure package which can be stored in your home or workplace and carried around with ease.

We keep the whole range in stock

We keep a range of stock Bromptons in various specifications, which are usually available to take the same day.  So we may have the Brompton your ideal Brompton in stock already, however if you want one personalised to your needs, we can order one from the factory.

Luggage is another area which makes Brompton unique.  Their unique quick release system means the bags can easily be added or removed when your out and about.  We keep the whole range in stock.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and try a Brompton for yourself..

…book your test ride now!