General Questions

Where is Shipley?  And where is Ellis-Briggs?

Shipley is a large town in the Aire Valley, West Yorkshire, very near to the Saltaire world heritage site.  Shipley is also close to other Aire Valley towns such as Keighley and Bingley and is only a short trip from Ilkley or Otley in the Wharfe Valley Bradford is just 5 miles dawn the Road and Leeds is around 13 miles away.  Ellis Briggs is the only bike shop in Shipley and we are dead easy to find, as we are on the main road just off the main set of traffic lights in Shipley. You’ll find more info on finding us here.

We are just across the road from Shipley Railway Station which has a regular service to and from Leeds, so we are very accessible no matter what part of the country you are visiting from.

What bike ranges do you keep in stock?

We keep a range of bikes from Merida, Giant, Saracen, Ridgeback, Raleigh, Diamondback, Python, Brompton, Mongoose and GT.

What kind of bikes do you sell?

We keep the following bikes in stock all year round, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes, Touring Bikes, Audax Bikes, Folding Bikes, Hybrids, Town Bikes, Flat Bar Road Bikes, Leisure Bikes, Childrens Bikes and Scooters.

Do you keep electric bikes?

At this present time we don’t keep any electric bikes in stock, however we can special order electric bikes from Giant who do an excellent range.

Do you keep Tandems?

Due to our workshop being on the 1st floor, we took a decision many years a go not to sell tandems.

If I’m looking for a Trek, Kona, Scott, Felt, Cannondale, Orange or Cube, could you special order one for me?

If you’ve set your heart on a specific model or bike brand then you’ll have to find a dealer of those bikes.  However we will most likely have an alternative available from another brand which may be worth looking at.

Do you do Cyclescheme, Bike2Work etc. ?

We accept Cyclescheme, Bike2work and the NHS Bikes for staff scheme.  For more info or if you require a quotation, please come into the shop.

I don’t live near your shop, do you sell bikes via mail order?

At Ellis-Briggs it is very important to us that nothing spoils your first ride on your new bike.  On every bike we sell,the bike is fully built and serviced by our mechanics, we will then setup the riding position and help you with anything which is unfamiliar to you.  All bikes over £300 also include a first free service after 4-6 weeks.  As you can imagine it’s not possible to pack all that customer service into a box!  In fact it’s not even possible to pack a fully assembled bike in a box.  All mail order bikes have to be stripped down slightly to fit in a bike box and some assembly will be required.

Moving closer to us is probably not an option, so we recommend you find a good local bike shop who will look after you.

How long have you been in business?

Ellis-Briggs first opened in 1936 and is still owned by the same family to this day.  Our core values of quality, service and expertise have kept customers returning year after year. You can find out more about our history here.

Servicing and Repairs

I have a Boardman bike, will you service or repair it or do you only do servicing on bikes that you sell?

We can service any quality bike from any manufacturer.  We do occasionally have to say no to supermarket and catalogue bikes.  The quality of all the parts fitted does have to meet our minimum standards.  At the very least, the bike needs to have full Shimano gears and Alloy brakes and brake levers.  If you’re not sure, just bring it in and let us have a look.  All servicing pricing can be found here.

Do I need to book my bike in for a repair/service?

We don’t pre book repairs.  All you need to do is bring the bike down and we’ll book it in there and then.  Usually you’ll need to leave the bike with us for a couple of working days although it can be longer during busy periods.  Give us a ring on 01274 583221 if you’d like to know how busy we are at the moment.

I dropped my bike off for service, when will it be ready?

When we book your bike in, we will give you a date when it will be ready.  We always try to work with you to get your bike as quickly as you need.  Once we’ve agreed a date, your bike will be ready on that day.  That’s a promise!  Occasionally we run into problems if a part that is needed isn’t available but we will always contact you to let you know.  It is essential that we have your up to date contact details when you bring your bike in.

How much will my bike service cost?

When you book your bike in for a service we always like to give you an idea of price, but sometimes this is difficult if the bike needs a lot of work.  We will advise you if we think the servicing cost is more than the bike is worth.  Also if we find something when we are doing the job which was unexpected we will always get in contact with you before proceeding.  You can find more details on our workshop, including pricing here.

Customer Service

Can you help me into the shop our out of my car?

We are always happy to help a customer if the need help bringing a bike into the shop or putting it in the back of their car/helping lift their bike onto a car rack etc.  Just ask, we’re always happy to help.  If you’re in the car park and need help just give us a ring on 01274 583221.

I need advice on a new bike, accessory or part, can you help me find the right one?

Whatever it is you’re looking for we can help advise you on the best product for your needs.  Our advise is always impartial even if that means advising you not to buy something.  At the end of the day we want you to enjoy cycling no matter what you ride, so we would never recommend a product that you don’t need.

Custom Framebuilding and Complete Bikes

Are all Ellis-Briggs bikes and frames made in the UK?

We build all our Ellis-Briggs frames in our workshops here in Shipley, West Yorkshire.  We only use traditional methods.  Each frame is built by hand using only and oxy/acetylene torch and hand tools.  It is the skill of our frame builder Andrew Puodziunas which ensures each frame is built to the right specification and is perfectly in track.

Once the frame is built it is painted in the customer’s choice of colour.  This is the only part of the process which we out source.  We do use a company in Yorkshire though and the frames and forks are traditionally stove enamelled, as has been the way with our frames since 1936.

The painted frame is then built into a complete bike in our workshop in Shipley.

How long has your framebuilder been building frames?

Our framebuilder has been building Ellis-Briggs and Favori frames since 1975.  And although we don’t make a song and dance about it, it is his reputation for attention to detail and meticulous build quality which has kept customers returning for decades.  Even World and National champions who had professional contracts elsewhere such as Beryl Burton and Danny Horton rode Ellis-Briggs frames built by our current framebuilder badged up as other marques.

Are Ellis-Briggs frames built in a jig?

A jig or fixture which holds all the tubes and lugs in position while the frame is brazed is common in factories on production lines because it saves time and the skill of the welder/brazer can be lower.  However frames built this way end up with a lot of in-built stresses in the tubes.  When the tubes are joined together the heat that is applied either from a brazing torch or a welding torch tries to distort the frame.  Because the frame is held in a jig or fixture the tubes can’t distort.  So the end product is a bit like a coiled spring under compression.  This leads to a dead feel in the ride.  If you took a hack saw and cut through the top tube of a frame built this way, it would spring out of alignment.

All Ellis-Briggs frames are built jigless.  So when the tubes are heated during the joining process they are free to expand and contract.  Our framebuilder is highly skilled in this process and the end result is a straight frame with a lively ride, which is the marque of a truly handmade bicycle frame.

I have an old Ellis-Briggs or Favori frame, can you tell me when it was built?

All the frames we’ve built have a four digit frame number stamped underneath the bottom bracket shell and also on the fork steerer column.  If you can find the frame number we can tell you its date of manufacturer and usually its original specification.