Steel Frame Repairs, Alterations and Braze ons

Why Ellis Briggs? Steel Frame Repairs Pricelist Regular Jobs FAQ

Steel frame repairs and alterations has been a large part of our business since day 1.  We have an unrivalled passion for traditional steel frames, so whatever you need we’ll try our best to find the solution.

We have full frame building facilities on the premises. If you require a repair or alteration to your frame, you will find a price here. If what you want isn’t on our pricelist, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We can work on any steel frame no matter if its a Hetchins with fancy lugwork, an Italian frame like Colnago or one of our own Ellis Briggs or Favori frames.

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Why Ellis Briggs?


Our framebuilder has nearly 40 years experience building and repairing frames, we believe he’s the best in the business.  There are many framebuilders out there, but only the most experienced and skillful carry out frame repairs, especially on 50 and 60 year old frames with fancy lug work.

All frame repairs our carried out on site in our workshop in Shipley W.Yorkshire.


Your frame won’t leave our workshop until we are 100% happy with the work we have done.  We take more time ensuring this is the case than anybody else in the business.

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Frame Repairs Pricelist



Standing Charge
Standing Charge From All repairs are subject to a standing labour charge to be added to the total job price.For example New Bottom Bracket Shell £160 + Braze On Lever Boss £22.50 + Standing Labour Charge £10 = £192.50. £10.00
Front Triangle
New Cast Bottom Bracket ShellIf the threads have become worn inside your bottom bracket shell, we recommend you have the whole bottom bracket shell replaced. £160.00
New Top Tube £85.00
New Down Tube £85.00
New Seat Tube £105.00
New Head Tube and Lugs £105.00
New Top, Down and Head Tube and Lugs £230.00
Fit Internal Cable Guide Top Tube £50.00
Rear Triangle
Fit Single Seat Stay £80.00
Fit Single Chain Stay £85.00
Fit Pair of Seat Stays Including Bridge £115.00
Fit Pair of Chain Stays Including Bridge £120.00
Fit Complete New Rear Triangle £230.00
Fit New Rear Drop Outs (+ £25 for track conversion) £105.00
New Dropouts £85.00
New Pair Of Fork Blades and Dropouts £120.00
New Fork Column Quite often when customers want to fit a new headset we find it is not possible because there steerer column is not long enough, so we can replace it if necessary or we can fit an ahead column so you can have an aheadset instead. £60.00
New Pair of Forks £150.00+ respray
Braze Ons/Bosses
Pump Pegs, Brake or Gear Stops, Pannier Eyes, Mudguard Eyes, Each. If you require pannier eyes brazing on, you will need to supply your rack.  Otherwise we can put the eyes on for a rack we supply. £10.00
New Cinelli Tunnels Under B/B Shell, Pair £40.00
Gear Hanger Brazed On £40.00
New Mudguard/Brake Bridge £30.00
New Bottom Bridge £30.00
Lamp Bracket Boss £25.00
Tunnel on Bottom Bracket (standard) Rear £20.00
Tunnel on Bottom Bracket (Campagnolo) Front £20.00
Centre Pull Bridge on Seat Stays £35.00
Allen Key Seat Lug Fastening £35.00
Braze on Bottle Cage Bosses, With Chrome Allen Key Bolts £25.00
Braze on Cantilever Brake Parts, per Brake £40.00
Braze on Lever Boss £22.50
Braze on STI Eyes inc Adjusters (pair) £42.00
Braze on Low Rider Pannier Eyes £30.00
Re-Track Frame and Forks £30.00
Straighten and Re-Track Forks £20.00
Remove Brazed On Bits and Clean Up Tube £11.00
Small Dents Filled Where Possible, From £15.00
Remove Corroded Stem or Seat Post, From £20.00

All prices include parts, labour and VAT @ 20% but do not include labour for removing all parts from frame.

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Regular Jobs

Some of the jobs we do regularly are outlined below to give you a better idea of what’s involved.

“I want to fit modern components to my 1980s frame”

We always need to see the frame first but usually this involves work as follows-

  • Standing Labour Charge £10
  • Remove Rear Brake Bridge £11
  • Re-Track Frame and Space Dropouts to 130mm £30
  • Fit New Allen Key Brake Bridge £30
  • Drill Fork Crown For Allen Key Brakes £15

Total Price from £96

The existing paintwork will be damaged around the areas that we have worked on, so we do recommend a respray.

“I want a respray but my frame is dented and the old seatpost is stuck”

We always need to see the frame first but usually this involves work as follows-

  • Standing Labour Charge £10
  • Fill dent (where possible) from £15
  • Remove stuck seatpost from £20

Total Price from £45 + Respray

The existing paintwork will be damaged around the areas that we have worked on, so we do recommend a respray.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tubing do you use for repairs?

We use Reynolds tubing for all our repairs. Reynolds 531, 631 and Reynolds cro-moly fork blades.

How long will it take?

Most repairs/alterations can be carried out within a couple of weeks, but please check before you drop the frame off. Obviously if you require a respray, this will add to the time.

What do we work on?

This pricelist is for lugged steel frames only. If you have a fillet brazed frame please call for a quote because more work is involved.

Do you repair welded steel frames?

We do not replace tubes or drop-outs on welded steel frames as it is uneconomical. Unlike brazed frames tubes can’t be easily removed from a welded frame, on top of this the new tube would have to be fillet brazed which is also labour intensive, so it is not economical to do this kind of repair. If you are unsure if your frame is welded or not please bring it into the shop so we can inspect it. Adding braze-ons is mostly unaffected, just refer to our pricelist for braze-ons.

How should I bring my frame to you?

All frames must be stripped of all parts, however we can remove the headset cups and bottom bracket for you. As long as they can be removed easily, there is no extra charge. We can strip and re-assemble your cycle if you wish. We charge £90 labour (plus parts) for this service. The bike will be stripped down and reassembled with new cables, grips, bar tape etc and any other parts required.