Complete Bike Rebuilds – Rebuilt and Resprayed Olmo

Complete bike rebuilds like this Olmo are a regular feature of our workshop.  What was once probably somebody’s pride and joy is left at the back of the garage for 10 plus years.

Here’s what this complete bike rebuild looked like when it first arrived

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The paint was flaking off all over the place, the handlebar stem was stuck and the bike was in desperate need of a bit of love.

Sometimes a customer will ask us to take a bike like this and completely rebuild it with all new equipment.  Other times like this customer, they’d like to keep as much of the equipment the same.

This bike had had a bit of a mish mash of components over the years but now its all cleaned up and working it looks great and the rebuild stayed within the customers budget.

The frame was resprayed in shotblasted down to the bare metal, rust proofed and primed, then finished in Pearl White with Olmo transfers.  The chrome forks we’re actually in good condition compared to the rest of the frame, and cleaned up very nicely as you can see.

Here’s the finished bike

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Amazingly the only new parts we fitted were a new headset, bar tape, lever hoods, 2 new tyres, a new Cinelli stem and new cables throughout.

Complete Bike Rebuilds – Let us give you an estimate

If you’d like us to give you an estimate on an old frame or complete bike you may have, you can email me direct at