Bespoke Bikes ANd Handmade Steel Frames

Bespoke Bikes and Frames

handmade in Yorkshire…


Because we’ve been in the business of making bespoke steel frames since the 1930’s, your frame will be built with over 80 years of passed down knowledge and experience.


Just like a tailored suit, your bike will be tailored to fit you exactly.  More skillful construction techniques will be used as well as the highest quality materials. Because our goal is to make perfect bicycle rather than one that meets a price point and fits most average people.


You are an individual, so why buy an off the peg bike which will only satisfy some of your needs and be a compromise on others?

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or you need guidance, we can advise you on all aspects of your new bike and tailor it perfectly to suit your fit, your needs and your individuality.


It is in the details where your frame will excel, whether it’s the cosmetic details, such as the finely filed lugs or in the construction details, like the alignment of the wheels. Details are so important to us that we spend as much time as necessary getting each aspect just right.