Frame Resprays By The Steel Frame Specialists

Our bike respray and frame renovation service is the ideal way to get your complete bike or frame looking like new again. If your frame is looking a bit tired why not have it refinished in a colour of your choice? We offer traditional stove enamelling, as we have done since the 1940s. All frames are shot blasted to the bare metal, rust proofed, primed, base coated then clear coated for a tough finish.

Respray and Renovation

We can customise your frame with panels, contrasts, oversprays, lug lining and custom transfers and decals. You can choose from over 40 different colours or we can match any RAL (Full RAL colour list) or BS colour for an extra charge. Get A Free Estimate

Traditional Stove Enamelling

We offer traditional stove enamelling, which we believe is the best finish on a steel frame. The best balance of durability, corrosion resistance and deep colour and shine. Stove enamelling is the traditional way to paint a bike frame in the U.K. Each coat of paint is cured at a high temperature in an industrial oven, which helps make it a tougher finish than air drying paint used in other industries. Unfortunately this does mean that our process is not suitable for carbon frames or forks however we do offer 2-pack air dry painting for carbon frames and forks. Get A Free Estimate

Repairs or Alterations?

We can repair and or alter a steel frame.  Whether your frame has been damaged or you would just like to alter it to take modern equipment, we can advise you on the options you have available. Find out more about our frame repair services. Get A Free Estimate


Download our resprays pricelist below: Download Pricelist

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Resprays FAQ

Do you do aluminium or carbon frames?

We can respray entire carbon frames and forks or colour match a carbon fork to your frame when you are having a steel or aluminium frame resprayed. We remove all the old paint by hand on carbon frames and refinish with 2-pack air drying paint. We can re-finish aluminium frames as per our normal pricelist. If your not sure what your frame is made from, please send us a picture with your enquiry to

Do you do chrome plating?

Chrome plating on renovation frames is carried out strictly at the owner’s risk. No guarantees can be offered for frames damaged as a result of the chroming process. We can’t quote on lead time as chroming takes as long as it takes.

Can you supply period correct transfers?

We can find the correct transfer for your frame if required. However, it will work out cheaper for you if you do the leg work yourself and locate the transfers you require. We are happy to fit any good quality transfers you supply.

Will you fit factory transfers?

Factory decals are rarely available these days, as manufacturers have to take precautions against counterfeiting.  As a consequence of this most decals available today are self adhesive vinyl which is thicker than the original transfers and will stand slightly proud on the frame.

How long will it take?

Your frame will normally take around 8-12 working weeks depending on what you require, however during busy periods (from October to June) resprays can take 10-14 working weeks. Framebuilding services will add at least 2 weeks on to the respray lead time and if you want chrome we cannot quote a time. Unfortunately it’s been difficult to find a chrome plater that can work on bicycle frames and to our standard. The chrome plater we use is expensive but the quality of their work is second to none.

Do I need to fully strip my frame of all parts?

All frames must be stripped of all parts, however we can remove the headset cups and bottom bracket for you. As long as they can be removed easily, there is no extra charge. We can strip and re-assemble your cycle if you wish. We charge £150 labour (plus parts) for this service. The bike will be stripped down and reassembled with new cables, grips, bar tape etc and any other parts required.

Do you have a collection and delivery service?

We do offer a collection and delivery service.  All you have to do is pack your frame up in a box, and give us a ring on 01274 583221 and we’ll do the rest.  Collection and redelivery once the job is finished cost £50. Or if you prefer you can send it to us by your own means and we can pack it up and return it for you for £30.