• Buying a secondhand steel frame? Read This First

    Thinking of buying a secondhand steel frame?  Want to avoid some of the pitfalls?  Not sure where to start?  Perhaps your thinking of building a bike up to take part in L’Eroica?  Is your secondhand steel frame for a period restoration or modern conversion? The most important question you should answer before even looking at…

  • How to convert an old steel frame to take modern equipment

    Convert an old steel frame to take modern equipment? I would say our customers are split 50:50 between building their renovated frames up with period components and converting them to take modern equipment but in a retro style. There is no right or wrong. Surely its better to give a neglected steel frame and new…

  • October Half Term Closing

    We’ll be closed for the second weekend of Half Term as follows – Friday 27th Closed From 12 Noon Saturday 29th Closed Sunday 30th Closed Monday 31st Open from 10am

  • London Bike SHow

    London Bike SHow

    Attending The Cycle Show We are not exhibiting but we will be away from the 20th of April until the 25th April, attending the London Bike Show.

  • Almost since we started in the 1930s we have been building light touring/club riding bikes which will take mudguards and are still capable of covering a distance at a reasonable pace.  They weren’t called audax/randonneur bikes in those days, because the term had not been thought up.