Frame Building Courses – Burning Ambtion To Build Your Own Handmade Steel Frame?

Frame Building Courses

Build Your Own Frame

There are frame building courses and then there are frame building courses.  On our course we are confident almost anyone can build their own bicycle frame using our tried and tested methods.  For the price of having a bespoke frame made, why not have a go at building it yourself?

Our workshop in Shipley West Yorkshire is equipped with all the tools required for building steel frames. Some tools are well over 60 years old and they still serve us well, which is a testament to the methods we set up of 80 years ago.

Building a bicycle frame from steel is a great experience, and the unique frame that you build will be a source of pride for many years to come.

We will help you with every aspect of the build. So if your unsure on the exact geometry you want or the tubing and parts you want to use, we will talk you through it.

5/6 Day Course or 10 Day Course

Our 5/6 day course is ideal if you would love to see what really goes into building a handmade frame. After the week is finished, all that blood, sweat and tears will result in a frame you’ll treasure for years.

On the other hand if you plan on building more frames, our 10 day course provides a more in depth program and the is more time for questions, note taking and extra brazing practice.

Deciding What To Build

Whether you want to build a classic lugged frame or a lugless frame, we will advise on all the options and help you decide.

The Finished Frame

At the end of the course you will have a finished frame, unless you want to leave it with us for painting.


Some of our frequently asked questions.

Do I need any experience?
Will the frame I Build myself be any good?
What Kind Of Frame Can I Build?
Do I need to build a lugged frame?
Can I have discs and thru axles?

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to more questions.


5/6 Day

5 Day frame only or 6 day frame and forks


10 day

Advanced course. In depth tuition for aspiring framebuilders


*plus materials, which usually cost around £350 – £500 depending on build.