Eroica Britannia – Bianchi Respray

Eroica Britannia is the place to be for anyone interested in classic bikes.  Now is the time to start getting your bike put togther, just like this Bianchi Rekord 748 that was just been through our workshops.

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If you’ve not heard of Eroica Britannia but you are interested in classic bicycles, you ought to take a look at their website.

Eroica Britannia
Eroica Britannia

Eroica Britannia? What is it?

Basically it is a 3 day festival which celebrates classic road bikes from the era before concealed cables and clipless pedals.

Eroica was started by a group of friends in Italy who wanted to organise an event which is all about the classic eras of cycling.  The event was centered on a Gran Fondo ride on the famous white roads “Strada Bianca” in northern Italy.

The original event has been going on since 1997 but now they have branched out around the globe and the UK hosts its own event in the beautiful Peak District countryside.

You can ride any bike you want as long as its pre 1987. So that means toe clips and straps, down tube levers and cables out of the top of the brake levers.