Hetchin’s Respray and Rechrome

Hetchin’s Magnum Opus

Hetchin’s were fond of giving their frames latin names and “Magnum Opus” literally means “great work”. Which is fitting as it was always the name they gave to their top of the range frame with the fanciest lugwork.

Original Colours

This customer was not keen on the original colour of the frame, plus he wanted the head lugs chroming, which I think really adds even more to this Hetchin’s (if that’s possible!).

Trevor’s Opinion

“My recently purchased Hetchins Magnum Opus frameset which has had the head tube lugs chromed and the frame refinished in colours of my choice. Paul removed the previous owners initials from the head tube and fitted the new badge which I supplied. All work carried out by Ellis Briggs Cycles who did an amazing job I am really happy with how it’s turned out.”

Trevor Skitterall

Frame Resprays and Rechoming

You can find out more about our respray and rechroming services here.


Here are some pictures of the frame now it has been built up. Have to say it is a lovely bike.

All photos (except before pic) courtesy of Trevor Skitterall