Parts Shortages

You may have heard that since the Covid pandemic started the bicycle industry has been rather busy. Well the downside to this is first of all, new bikes have been in short supply with many customers having to order new bikes and wait months for delivery. The knock on effect is now causing a shortage of certain aftermarket parts.

This is even making the national news! In the Guardian the other day _

We have been working hard with our suppliers and we currently have stock of many parts, however if we are worried about stock supply come summertime.

This is not a sales pitch. If your bike needs attention, then we recommend getting it done ASAP as it may be difficult come the summer. Also with foreign holidays looking more unlikely for most this year, many people will want their bikes if holidaying in the UK. So we expect workshops to be busy come summertime.

Limited Stock – Get Booked In Now!

So if you are going to be using your bike this year, we highly recommend you get ahead of the crowd and book in now! 🙂