Peugeot PX10 Repairs

It’s one of those classic race bikes of the 60s and 70s, made famous in the UK as it was ridden by Tom Simpson.  Although Tom Simpson was rumoured to ride a Masi in Peugeot livery, as was the way with a lot of riders.

This frame came in with a few small issues which needed putting right.  First there was a large dent in the downtube, probably from the gear lever getting wacked at some point.  And secondly the clip stop, which is the small piece of metal which stops your gear levers sliding down the frame, had come away completely.

Only minor jobs really, but the dent was filled with silver and the clipstop was re-made to look like the original (should be more permanent this time) and silver soldered in place.

Having a look at the gallery below for some more pics of the process.