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Frame Resprays By The Steel Frame Specialists

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Bike Resprays

Our bike respray and frame renovation service is the ideal way to get your complete bike or frame looking like new again. If your frame is looking a bit tired why not have it refinished in a colour of your choice? We offer traditional stove enamelling, as we have done since the 1940s. All frames are shot blasted to the bare metal, rust proofed, primed, base coated then clear coated for a tough finish.

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Traditional Stove Enamelling

We offer traditional stove enamelling, which we believe is the best finish on a steel frame. The best balance of durability, corrosion resistance and deep colour and shine.

Stove enamelling is the traditional way to paint a bike frame in the U.K. Each coat of paint is cured at a high temperature in an industrial oven, which helps make it a tougher finish than air drying paint used in other industries.

Unfortunately this does mean that our process is not suitable for carbon frames or forks.

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Repairs or Alterations?

Because we are experianced framebuilders we can repair or alter any steel frame.  Whether your frame has been damaged or you would just like to alter it to take modern equipment, we can advise you on the options you have available.

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