Second hand bargain?

IMAG1538A regular feature of our workshop is the secondhand bargain bike, which is very rarely a bargain!

This week we booked in this Felt BMX which looks like a perfectly reasonable bike… from a distance.  But one you look closely all the tell-tale signs are there.

For starters the crankset wasn’t fitted correctly and the chainring was rattling around.  Just what you need if you want your chain to fall off all the time!

Hand painted front brake
Hand painted front brake

Hand painted components are always a dead giveaway of a bodged up bike, and this bike was no exception.  Complete with hand painted front brake caliper and hand painted cranks.

Splined bottom bracket...
Splined bottom bracket…

But of course the cranks themselves are not even the correct ones for the bike, the bottom bracket spindle and the cranks are

two completely different systems. a hexagonal hole
…in a hexagonal hole

Luckily this customer brought the bike to us for us to put right.