Ti Raleigh and Claud Butler back from the paintshop

This time of year is especially busy for resprays and frame repairs, as it is the ideal time to think about sorting your bike out for next summer.  The last thing you want to do is leave a respray until the spring time and then be waiting for it when you should be riding it.

TI Raleigh

We regularly paint Raleigh frames in Ti Raleigh team colours, but often they are not the genuine article.  However this frame is a genuine Ti Raleigh 753 frame.  This frame was in quite good condition and still has its Campag Super Record Headset.

Reynolds 753 was Reynolds lightest tubing at the time and it is still a light frame when you consider its age.  753 is a rather special heat-treated tubing which has to be silver brazed instead of the usual brass brazing that most UK framebuilder use.

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Claud Butler

This 1950s Bi-Laminate Claud Butler frame has been rescued and should now build up into a great looking period bike.

This frame looks like it has quite fancy lugs, but in actual fact they are not lugs at all.  This frame is built with what is called Bi-Laminate construction.  This technique was popular with a few framebuilders in the 1950s, including Claud Butler.

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