July 19, 2013

What is an Audax/Randonneur bike?

Ellis Briggs Randonneur Special Flam Ruby Cinelli 02Almost since we started in the 1930s we have been building light touring/club riding bikes which will take mudgaurds and are still capable of covering a distance at a reasonable pace.  They weren’t called audax/randonneur bikes in those days, because the term had not been thought up.

IMG00277-20101101-1056For the purposes of buying a bike our definition of an audax/randonneur bike is a road bike with drop handlebars, a comfortable steel frame, which will take maudguards and a lightweight pannier rack if required as well as clearance for 700 x 25 tyres.  It is the ideal bike for eating up the miles, a comfortable position which you don’t need to be a contortionist to get into but you can still ride at a good pace.  Is equally at home riding a 10 mile commute, a 100 miles on a sunday or some light touring over a weekend.

IMG00277-20101101-1056All our Randonneur complete bicycles and frames are built in our workshops in Shipley, with Shimano drivetrain components and a choice of Pro, Velo Orange, Cinelli or Nitto finishing kits.

You’ll fine all our Randonneur models here.

If your looking for a bike to do loaded touring, with panniers front and rear, check out our Super Tourist.