Why buy a junior bike from Ellis Briggs?

Brake lever adjusted correctly
Brake levers adjusted correctly

Buying a new bike is one of the most exciting and memorable times of childhood.  However as parents we all want value for money but sometimes we just see the price without seeing the value.


Value for money

You may not get the cheapest bike for your child from Ellis Briggs but you will get the best value junior bike for your child.  The bike will be set up so it fits the child perfectly but still have plenty of growing room.  The brakes will work and your child will be able to reach the brake lever.  If the bike has gears, they will be good quality and will work as they should.  All the nuts and bolts will be tight, wheels will be straight and all bearings will be running freely as they should.  All your child has to do is get on and ride it and have fun!

Will my childs bike be safe to ride, and will all its components work properly?

So much for Halfords building all their bikes*
So much for Halfords building all their bikes*

It’s so fundamental to expect a bike to work when you get on and ride that most people don’t realise that the majority of bikes sold by mailorder or by Halfords, Toys R Us etc. don’t ever get a spanner or allen key put on them and are nearly all dangerous to ride and don’t work properly.  We know this because customers who have bought these bikes bring them to us every single day!

All our bikes are fully assembled and most importantly serviced for free which takes our mechanics about an hour to perform and is worth £40. That’s why so many of our customers come back year, after year, after year.

*So much for Halfords building all their bikes!  That’s what it says in their clever advertising but when it comes to the crunch they will just fob the customer off by saying it will take 2 weeks to assemble the bike, or you can take it in the box like this customer did.  This bike was dangerous to ride and the customer wanted to take it on holiday.  But due to time constraints they were left with 2 choices, either leave it at home, or take a dangerous bike with them on holiday! Halfords/Toys r Us/ Argos Etc. = bad value for money…